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Protecting exterior woodwork

Now is the last opportunity this year to ensure exposed woodwork is protected before winter. At this time of year demand is high to have exterior wood work repaired and painted or varnished to protect against damage over the winter month . The next few months will bring rain, frost, freezing conditions, wind and damp, all will damage more »

Residential Letting Agents and Landlords in Sussex

HandyGreen Sussex delivers a cost effective reliable service for you, your landlords and tenants in maintaining and repairing properties. The benefits are many as you have a trusted multi-purpose solution to property maintenance, delivering a quality cost effective service, rather then spending time arranging and organising different trades. Have a look at the many different maintenance jobs that a more »

Time for a Spring Clean

March 2015 Spring is here and time to get a head start on lots of jobs to clear up after winter. Tidying up the garden; repairing or replacing broken or old fencing; digging over flower beds ready for planting; pressure washing paved areas; general repairs to other outside areas; brightening up interior and exterior paintwork; more »

Selling & buying a property

Selling or buying a house is the time to start those jobs around your home that have either been put off for a while or need doing to make your new home great. Many will be thinking of moving home; start thinking of your home as a property and a financial asset, and do all you can more »

Gardens of new build homes

Most new properties at best come with grass laid to create a ‘green’ area. The soil underneath is mainly clay soil left over from the building process and is very difficult to work and maintain. Clay has many nutrients in it that are of great benefit to plants, but it is very unkind in other ways because more »

Pressure wash slippery patios & paving

September 2017 Have you noticed how those outside areas are getting dangerous to walk on? Have you slipped over or had a close escape? Now is the time to have those areas pressure washed. HandyGreen Sussex pressure washing will remove the slippery film and will bring out the proper colour of the surface making it clean more »


September 2017 Sheds stay watertight through their felt covering on the roof, after a number of years the heat of the sun, the wind and the rain weaken that felt covering causing it to crack or become porous. It is essential to inspect it both inside & out and where areas of damage are noted to have more »

Handyman Benefits

A handyman provides a multi-skilled solution to your home. In the case of HandyGreen Sussex you get a high quality, reliable and cost effective service that has delivered to many Sussex homes, all of whom have been delighted with the end result of the work completed. Included in this list is a high profile celebrity that entrusted HandyGreen more »

Fencing Posts & Panels

October 2017 Recent strong winds have caused damage to garden fencing and posts. In many cases it has been caused by fence posts not having been buried and concreted into the ground deep enough. The effects of sudden gusts of wind on fence panels gradually loosens the fence post in the ground, and is even more of more »

Slippery Patios, Paths & Paving

September 2017 It is easy to think that as winter is on the way there is no need to maintain outside paved areas as you are not sitting out in the sun or using your garden. However it is exactly at this time of year that patios and other paved areas become slippery and dangerous when wet. This is more »