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By | 10/11/2014

October 2017

Recent strong winds have caused damage to garden fencing and posts. In many cases it has been caused by fence posts not having been buried and concreted into the ground deep enough.

The effects of sudden gusts of wind on fence panels gradually loosens the fence post in the ground, and is even more of a problem if the ground is very wet as there is very little resistance to the constant buffeting of the wind.

The solution is to ensure fence posts are buried to a depth that will ensure it will stand up to these conditions. The depth will vary depending on how high a fence is, but at the very least a minimum depth of 250mm is required for a low fence with a similar width of hole to accommodate both the post and concrete plug sufficiently. The higher the fence the deeper the hole.

HandyGreen Sussex has installed many fencing posts that have stood the test of time in many different weather conditions, so if you are having problems with fencing please give HandyGreen Sussex a call, I am happy to provide a quote for installing new posts and panels

HandyGreen Sussex 07779 702193 or 01444 870029

or email: handyman@handygreen.co.uk

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