Gardens of new build homes

By | 23/02/2015

Most new properties at best come with grass laid to create a ‘green’ area.

The soil underneath is mainly clay soil left over from the building process and is very difficult to work and maintain. Clay has many nutrients in it that are of great benefit to plants, but it is very unkind in other ways because of the density of the clay. The harder the soil is to work the more likely a garden will become neglected due to the difficulty in maintaining the ground both in wet and dry conditions.

HandyGreen Sussex has worked on a number of gardens to improve soil condition and drainage, whilst still retaining a lot of the nutrient benefits of the local clay. The owners are then a lot keener and achieve much better gardens to enjoy and relax in.

The improvement process involves digging out and removing around 250-300mm of soil, especially where flower beds and borders are planned, it is replaced with a quality top soil that is then mixed with a smaller proportion of the original clay. This creates the best of both worlds in having  soil that is so much easier to manage and provides naturally occurring nutrients to feed and develop plants.

The improvement is immediate with a rich dark soil that can be managed easily and new plants added with only light work involved in planting. New plants soon take to the soil and produce excellent results in both foliage and flower displays.

HandyGreen Sussex are always available to either help you with your garden makeover, discuss what would work best in the space provided and improve the quality and ease of maintenance of your existing garden.

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