Handyman Benefits

By | 17/11/2014

A handyman provides a multi-skilled solution to your home.

In the case of HandyGreen Sussex you get a high quality, reliable and cost effective service that has delivered to many Sussex homes, all of whom have been delighted with the end result of the work completed. Included in this list is a high profile celebrity that entrusted HandyGreen Sussex to work on his Ditchling period property to improve both external and internal areas.

A handyman removes the need to have many different trades and therefore individuals coming into your home. You can develop trust in one individual to deliver high quality solutions to many different home maintenance needs.

A handyman is not just about doing the jobs that need doing. A handyman provides advice on cost effective solutions, whether a job should be done at all and if it is better to a have a specific trade to complete a job due to legal requirements.

HandyGreen Sussex have the homeowners best interests at the forefront of all decisions, and take pride in acting  to maintain that integrity. Many times has a more cost effective yet equally suitable solution been suggested and delivered, resulting in many opportunities of repeat visits to deal with new requirements.

HandyGreen Sussex aim to be the first and only Handyman that you will need to trust and welcome to you home.


Please contact HandyGreen Sussex to discuss how I can help

HandyGreen Sussex 07779 702193 or 01444 870029

or email: handyman@handygreen.co.uk

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